Home Selling Mistakes

So you're thinking of selling your house and you're wanting some tips on how to get the most out of it. Maybe you've put years of work and memories into it, and you're wanting to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Or maybe you are looking to sell your home quickly and wondering how to make the process easier. From whatever stance you have, you've come to the right place. 

To make it easy, we have compiled a list of 8 mistakes when selling a home. 

1. Not Hiring an Experienced Full Time Professional to Sell your Home

2. Setting an Unrealistic Price Tag

3. Being Lazy with Listing Photos

4. Poor Marketing with your Home

5. Being Too Emotionally Attached

6. Avoiding Necessary Repairs 

7. Refusing to Get Rid of Clutter and Junk

8. Not Paying Attention to Closing Expenses


Not Hiring an Experienced Full Time Professional to Sell your Home

If you are looking to save at every corner, you might be thinking of avoiding hiring a professional, but hiring a full time Real Estate Agent is exactly what you need. Hiring a Real Estate Agent means finding someone who has knowledge of the real estate market in its entirety. Not only will they be able to help you with all the details, but they will be aware of market conditions, negotiating the sale price, and marketing your home to potential buyers. At Regina Drury Real Estate Group, we even have an aggressive marketing campaign custom tailored for each property. 

Setting an Unrealistic Price Tag

A huge mistake that a home seller can make is pricing the home wrong--either it is priced too high or too low. Pricing a home too high reduces the chances of prospective buyers looking at it. If it's too low, sellers may worry about giving away profits, and potential buyers may worry about underlying issues of the home. 

When pricing a home, experienced professionals look at all aspects of the home and its surrounding area. They look at comparable sales, market movement, demand, the home's location and also its condition. 

Being Lazy with Listing Photos

It may seem like it's easy to just snap a few photos from your phone and to think it does the trick, but many times this is not the case. Having professional photos of your home always is a benefit, because professionals know how to stage the home and the photos to make it the most visually attractive to a buyer. We can't tell you how many times we have looked at listings of homes with grainy photos that have no attention to detail, minimal lighting, and poorly thought set up. When you are selling your home, every aspect of marketing serves as a selling point and with this tech-oriented world, many people will be taking a look at your home online from the comfort of their own. Make every picture count.

Poor Marketing for Your Home 

When selling your home, you want your top real estate agent to use all their different avenues and strategies not only to get the home sold but to have it sold within a reasonable (or even exceptional) amount of time. Real estate agents who care about your home getting sold will take advantage of all possibilities, whether it be direct mail, online advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it), signage, tours, etc. Proper real estate marketing and taking quality listing photos is all a part of the home selling process and neglecting to market your home properly is definitely a seller mistake. 

Being Too Emotionally Attached

While it's always hard to let go of something that is your own, selling your home requires you to take on the business mindset. Many times sellers still are too emotionally attached to their home, so minor issues still feel like major issues to them. Even in the negotiation process, sellers tend to take negotiating personally, which could result in the loss of a sale. You have to treat this as a business transaction and not like your interested buyers are trying to take something from you that's going to stay yours. Your home is now on the market--a competitive one at that, so you have to treat this as such. 

Avoiding Necessary Repairs 

Making necessary repairs is also crucial for selling your home quickly and easily. When people decide they want to buy a home (unless they are DIY oriented, which is not the case for everybody), they want to buy a home and know that the home they bought is move-in ready. They want to know all light bulbs are fixed, doors are working properly, the oven works, there are no electrical issues, hardwood floors are nice and clean, paint on the walls is fresh, and many more to do items that are not on this list. There are two things that may happen if this isn't taken care of. Either you lose a potential buyer completely or you will lose money paying for these costs to your buyer.  Even worse is when there is something that you could have taken care of for cheaper than what you may pay out of pocket to the buyer to have these things taken care of. Take care of the repairs yourself (in whatever way is the most beneficial for both you and your future buyer) and before you even put your home on the market to reduce all the extra hassle.

Refusing to Get Rid of Clutter and Junk

Once again, you have to treat selling your home like a business transaction, which means staging your home in a way that makes it the most visually appealing. One of the easiest (and low cost) improvements that can be made to your home is cleaning it, removing clutter and junk, and organizing items throughout the house.  It's so easy and ultimately worth it--it just takes time and effort on your part.

Not Paying Attention to Closing Expenses

Looking at the financial side of all of this, you want to make sure you are in the loop about all of what's required (and recommended) of you as a seller. Home sellers may want to to try to hide significant problems about the home, but once the home gets inspected, all will be revealed anyways. Once again, take care of all these details ahead of time to quicken the process and to avoid losing potential buyers. Another aspect of this is not paying attention to closing expenses. A part of using an experienced real estate agent is that they are going to go over closing costs and all estimated expenses with you prior to you getting too deep into the process of selling your home. Be sure you are in the know about all the details related to preparing your home for sale! 

For tips on preparing your home for sale, click here! 

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