Valentine's Day in Wilmington NC

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Whether you already have something planned or you are scrounging around at the last minute looking for things to do with your special someone, we have some ideas for you in case you are interested. While we believe that love should be celebrated every day, it is still nice to have some kind of course of action for "the day of love," the day when everybody is out celebrating Valentine's Day and all the restaurants are filled with candles, sweet goodies, and people out enjoying their partner's company.

Creative Valentines Day Date Ideas

If you are looking for something creative to do for Valentine's Day rather than the typical dining experience, then we have come up with some out of the box date ideas for you. 

1. Choose A Meal To Cook Together

It's conventional to go out to eat for Valentine's Day to a fancy restaurant, but why not take the time you would spend at a restaurant and apply it to a whole cooking experience together? The challenge is to pick a meal (bonus points: three-course meal), get the groceries for it, and cook it together--preparation and all. This is for the couple who is looking for a unique quality time experience.

2. Be A Tourist In Your Town

Wilmington, NC is the perfect place and a goldmine for this. From the Ghost Walk downtown to the USS Battleship, to visiting one of our historic museums to spending some time at one of our local beaches, plan a day where you act like a tourist in your town. Maybe you could learn something new after all! 

3. Play Pool or Go Bowling! 

Doing activities like these is great for couples who enjoy a little competition. Visit Orton Billiards and Pool Room downtown or head over to Burnt Mill Creek perhaps for a glass of wine and some pool time also. If you take a peek at some of the bowling alleys in town, some of them even have cosmic bowling nights! 

4. What About Horseback Riding? 

For the animal lover and nature-enthusiast, maybe enjoy a trail ride or take a horseback riding lesson together. There are a few options for riding horses in Wilmington, NC but here's a link to a couple of horse stables near Wilmington. 

Hanover Stables

Desperado Horse Farm

5. Take The Dogs For A Walk At The Beach

Speaking of animal lovers: do you have a dog? Why not take the dogs for a walk at the beach? Walking from Oceanic Pier to Johnny Mercer's Pier itself is a little over three miles. Sun, sand, and just a nice afternoon out on the coast of Wrightsville Beach. If you're wanting to take advantage of this time, maybe pack a picnic lunch and some blankets. Not a big fan of the beach? That's okay! Wilmington has an abundance of dog parks also! Click here for an easy list of dog parks in Wilmington, NC

6. Go Watch A Live Theater Performance

At Thalian Hall in  Wilmington this year, they are running performance of the intentionally acclaimed Dream Girls.  Tickets are available by clicking this link here. The show is running on Valentine's Day, but also Thursday the 13th and Sunday the 16th as well. 

7. Go See Live Music 

This one is for music lovers! At St. Peter Luthern Cutch, The South Port Players: Pianist Florence Aquilina, cellist John Illingworth, Vocalists Robert Marks, and Lois Moore, and flutist Janet Porterfield will be playing light classical music selections. This is followed by romantic movie scores. It is a fundraiser to support Up Your Arts and Saint Peter's Make A Joyful Noise Fund.

If Classic is not really your speed, on Bourbon Stree in downtown Wilmington, the ZGossin Brothers will be performing on Valentine's day at 9:00 pm. At Flytrap Brewing the American rock group Jesse Stockton Duo will start at 8:00 pm till 11:00 pm. 

Busy Valentine's day? that Saturday the 15th, go see folk-rock group The Kennedys in Concert at the Odell Williams Auditorium

8. Personalized Brewery Crawl

Whatever your preference is, whether it's beer or wine (or maybe you don't like either but you both like coffee or even sweets), selecting several options for a night on the town where you explore new breweries, wine bars, or places with fabulous desserts would be a fun option for a night out with your special someone. Downtown would be a great choice for this due to all of the options along with the proximity of the locations. Come up with your own personalized, make it fun, and have at it! Maybe even play a game where you have to order something different at each spot that you have never tried before. 

9. Treat yo' self! 

This one's for my single people. Treat yourself! Splurge! Go do something fun with friends! Make a day of it!

For the ladies: Maybe you want to go and spend a day at the spa, buy a new outfit, or go have cocktails with some lady friends, make it an experience you'll never forget.

For the gentlemen: The same concept applies--go out and do something for yourself! You deserve it! 

Happy Valentine's Day

From us here at Regina Drury Real Estate Group, we hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the special people in your life.


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