Happy New Year! 

It's 2018! And it's that time. You know what time we are talking about. When each new year comes, it is common for people tend to ask:

What are your New Year's Resolutions? 

Maybe you have goals like Ross from Friends and you just want to be happy for the year of 2018, no matter what. Or to do one thing you have never done before. 

Maybe you need more of a solid idea than just that though. There are a lot of different goals that people set, but we have compiled a list of 5 goals along with places in Wilmington or handy mobile apps where you can potentially mark on your list in the new year to make it easier for you to accomplish all the resolutions that you make for yourself. It's a new year after all and here at Regina Drury Real Estate Group, we are always looking out for you!

1. Get fit 

Maybe you haven't been too motivated this year to get into that fitness routine that you've been keeping your eye on. You've searched for workouts on Pinterest, you've tried to workout with your friends, you've gone on sporadic runs.  You've even looked into different gyms and priced out memberships, but nothing has truly stood out to you. Aside from looking at one of our housing communities that offers a free gym to its residents, might we suggest looking into a new gym that's opened up in town? 

Check out Orange Theory Fitness is a franchise that offers one-hour group fitness classes that are designed as a personal training workout. In these classes, you train in endurance, strength, and/or power.

There are two locations in Wilmington:

6800 Parker Farm Drive Suite 120
Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 660-0933

South Wilmington / Wilmington, NC COMING SOON 
1412 Barclay Pointe Blvd.
Wilmington, NC 28412
(910) 550-2009

Learn more by clicking here

2. Eat healthier

It is no easy task to start a diet and follow through with your goals for eating healthy. Focusing on a diet, meal prepping, and not eating fast food all take a lot of work and motivation.  And in today's busy world, we are constantly running from place to place to take care of the next errand, making sticking to that diet even harder. Want to meal prep, but don't have the time? 

Wilmington actually is home to a clean-eating franchised restaurant in town called CleanEatz that not only provides a regular restaurant-like ordering process, but they additionally offer meal plan packages. For people who don't have time to prep for themselves, this service is beneficial to the max. Offering a range of plans from 5 meals to even 21 meals, they can make meal prepping a piece of cake...without the cake, of course. 

There are two locations in Wilmington:

Clean Eatz - Racine Dr.
203 Racine Dr.
Wilmington, NC
(910) 452-3733

Clean Eatz - Monkey Junction
5916 Carolina Beach Rd. Suite 150
Wilmington, NC
(910) 769-9596

3. Meet new people 

It's not an easy task putting yourself out there and making new friends, so normally we tend to stay in the circles that we are comfortable with. Usually, these circles stem from your job, the gym you go to, or maybe even church activities. But perhaps you are looking for something more and for options to extend your networking reach, or even just for new friends to hang out with.

Wilmington is known for its welcoming atmosphere, but did you know that we also have quite a few options for meeting new people besides the common way of doing so?

Port City Young Professionals

For instance, there is a networking group in town called Port City Young Professionals. It is the only group in town dedicated to connecting young professionals in the Wilmington area. This group was founded in 2009 by a woman named Jenna Curry and now extends to over 200 founding partners. This group has monthly networking events on the third Wednesday of every month, an average attendance at these events of over 150, and they also do service work for the community. 

For more information or to get in contact with how to become a member of this networking group, click here. 


4. Budget your money better

Budgeting your money falls along the same lines and process as working out and eating healthier. You have to keep track of what you are spending, stay dedicated to what your budget is, etc. Unfortunately, life happens often and expenses come up that we don't usually plan for. The best budget app is one that will help you plan for even life's unexpected happenings.

GottaBeMobile created a list of 14 best budget apps for 2017.

The Mint Budgeting App happened to be #1 on their list. Why is that? Two things: Hassle-free and FREE free. By connecting the app to your bank, you can get help with personalizing a budget, keep track of spending, get updates on your credit score, and they can even help identify when there are security issues on your account. 

Maybe you're trying to get your finances in order so that you can look into buying a new home. Did you know that if you qualify, you can purchase a new home with no money down? If you are looking into buying a new home, but don't want to have to worry about a steep down payment, check out more information here. It's definitely possible to do so, and we have the top real estate agents in Wilmington, NC to help you. 

If you are looking for advice and are needing more direction for getting a handle on your finances this year, we recommend checking out Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey is a well-known name when it comes to eliminating debt and creating more financial peace for yourself and your family. Click here for a link to his website for more information. 


5. Give back to the community

If you are wanting to start this new year out differently, consider volunteering your time to help those in need. Volunteering in your community is not only a great way to give back but it's also a great way to continue on your search to meet new people--whether it's fellow volunteers or anybody you come in contact with during your service along the way. 

There are many volunteer opportunities in Wilmington, but one of the more established programs is with Cape Fear Volunteer Center. Perhaps their biggest initiative is the Big Buddy Program, which is a one-on-one mentoring program that matches at-risk youth (ages 5-16) in New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender counties with an adult mentor, aka a "buddy." These kids could be placed in this program due to various reasons, whether it be poor academic performance or involvement in the juvenile justice system. 

Other than the Big Buddy program, CFVC does community outreach, has a food donation initiative, and offers other programs for various types of needs in the community. 

For more information on getting involved with Cape Fear Volunteer Center, click here.  

Bonus Resolution: Do something that scares you

It is never easy to step out of your comfort zone, but sometimes we have to take risks, even if they scare us! Maybe you are wanting to plant some roots and buy a new home in Wilmington for 2018. Fortunately, you have top agents in Wilmington who can help you with taking that next step. At Regina Drury Real Estate Group, we are committed to helping you with all of your real estate needs. Take a risk and reach out to us. ;) 

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