Written by Linda Brett-Kell, Senior Moving Specialist at Regina Drury Real Estate Group.

I think you will agree anytime you move, whether it’s across town or across state lines it can be challenging. I've moved about 31 times! I have experienced moving both across town and throughout many states.  As a Senior, it offers some additional challenges and things to think about. It is from my experience I want to share some of the things I learned, as well as some things I may have done differently.

Linda Brett-Kell

Relocating as a Single

Sometimes as a Senior we find ourselves single again, due to death of our loved one or divorce. While these two life events in and of themselves are traumatic, couple that with the thought of relocating and it can be overwhelming. I do know this from experience. I am a list maker, it keeps me organized and focused, so I trust you will find the lists I make in this article helpful for you.

First, let’s take a look at things to consider when you find yourself single again and are considering relocating.


1. I feel the most important thing at this point, is to avoid any hasty decision. Allow yourself, time to make a solid financial decision.

2. Look at all your current expenses, mortgage, insurance, living expenses and how your income has been affected due to your loss.

3. If you are living in a home that is paid for, you have more options to consider: A. stay in your home or B. Consider downsizing, to cut costs, particularly if your income will also be cut.

4. You will have a lot of well-meaning friends and family, who will want to weigh in on exactly what you should do. Prior to my husband's death, he gave me some very good advice that I want to share with you. “Linda after I’m gone you are going to get a lot of advice from friends and family, I’m going to encourage you to do whatever it takes from this point forward to be happy. That as you know may not be what everyone else wants, remember they are not walking this path.” Trust me when I say this advice helped me tremendously and I hope it helps you.

5. If you do decide that it’s in your best interest financially, and emotionally to sell your home, find a reliable Realtor who will go the extra mile for you. Interview carefully and find someone you connect with and will listen to your needs.

Moving out of State: This perhaps can be the most challenging 

Each state has different tax laws, the housing market can vary greatly, current Medicare plan may not be effective in new state (I found this out the hard way). 

Additional things to consider:

* Is your current bank or credit union available in the new city you are considering? If not establish an account in your new location prior to moving have any direct deposits changed to new bank. (this can sometimes take 2 months) .

* If you are using a local drug store for your prescriptions, switch to a chain Pharmacy or grocery chain that you will find in your new location, do this at least a month before you move.


What is your motivation for moving to a new state or City? To be closer to family, remember our children live very mobile lives too. I have seen Seniors move to be near their children and then the children due to their jobs, relocate. Make a list, pros and cons if you will what are you actually wanting to find in your new location?

a. More Senior communities

b. Better climate

c. More active lifestyle

d. Beach community

e. Mountain area

f. Lower tax structure

g. More opportunities for volunteer work

h. More opportunities for part-time employment

A few things you want to consider and I’m sure you can add to this list

When possible take time to visit the new area you are considering to make a well-informed decision. Searching the internet for information on areas, communities etc. is fine, however, a personal visit is far better in making an informed decision. Keep asking yourself “what do I really what”. When that is clearly defined you can move forward.

There are many things to consider but since it’s a Blog rather than a Book, I trust this information has been helpful.

Choosing an Agent to help you

When you or someone you know who is a Senior is considering a move whether across town or across state lines…..find a Realtor who has your best interest at heart, and someone who has had experience working with Seniors who are relocating.  The Regina Drury Real Estate Group has a team with expert knowledge and experience.  We will provide you with a high degree of customer service that will leave a lasting impression.  Contact us today to talk more about your Real Estate needs.

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