100% Financing May Be Going Away for North Wilmington

If you have been thinking about getting 100% financing in the Wilmington area, right now the USDA is working on a new map to determine what areas are still going to be available for USDA financing.

On June 4, 2018 USDA will make a decision on approving the new map of eligibility.  Ogden, Northchase, Murrayville, and other North Wilmington areas are on the new map as NO longer eligible for USDA 100% loan financing.

Like I said, if you are thinking of buying a home in any of the aforementioned areas, NOW is the time, before they make the final decision. Call me today to buy your future home in North Wilmington, whether it be Ogden, Northchase, Murrayville.

Do not sleep on this very real information!

For an area to qualify for USDA financing means that it has to be a rural area, not an urban area. Much of North Wilmington has in fact been growing exponentially with both the population and local businesses, which is great, but definitely affects the notion of what is considered to be rural. That is why this is so important, because many of our buyers like the idea of living in these North Wilmington neighborhoods; they want the ability to have the USDA financing option, and so they go for it! But soon, it may not exist in these areas anymore. 

So, take advantage while you still can--call me today. 

What is USDA financing? 

USDA financing offers low-to-moderate-income households the chance to own a home for as little as $500-1000 down if an interested buyer who qualifies, meaning you meet income requirements and minimum credit score, are a US citizen, and other requirements. USDA is an option for some parts of Wilmington, Brunswick County, Pender County, Onslow County, and all the other counties in the Southeast North Carolina area. 

Want to know more about how to purchase a home with 100% financing? Click here. 

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