Great Tips When Choosing an Agent 

So you are thinking about selling or buying a house and you need a Real Estate Agent to help you?  How do you find a great Real Estate Agent?  Will you need to pay them anything to represent you?  

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Seller's Agent also known as Listing Agent

Selling a home in a hot market can seem like it will be fairly easy but...Are you getting the most money and will the process be smooth?  

How Much will it Cost to Sell?

That's the interesting part.  It pretty much costs the same commission to hire a great Agent as it does to hire a less experienced Real Estate Agent so why not hire Wilmington's Top Agent if it cost the same?  If you would like a List of All Closing Costs When you Sell a House here's a link for that too.

How do I find a Hard Working Top Agent to Sell my House?

First step of course to finding a Top Real Estate Agent is to ask your friends and family.  Then read the reviews about them.  Facebook Reviews and Google their business to find Reviews about them are 2 smart places to start.  

There's a lot of part time Real Estate Agents in this business.  A part time Agent might not be that familiar with the market, not the best at negotiating, might not have the skills or time to go above and beyond the basics in advertising, and a part time Real Estate Agent might not be able to handle issues as well as a Professional Full Time Real Estate Agent.  You definitely want a Full Time Real Estate Agent working for you.

Do all Agents use the Same Techniques When Selling a Property?

NO!  All Agents will put it in the MLS, on websites, and put a sign up but that's where most will stop.  A great productive top agent will prospect for your buyer!  What does prospect mean?  Prospect means they will make daily calls to your neighborhood, other neighborhoods, their past clients, and to other Agents to ask if they know anyone looking for a home like yours.  Prospecting or cold calling for a buyer for your house is only done by a few Real Estate Agents in the Wilmington area.

Another great technique is target ads on Social Media like Facebook.  Have you ever gone on Facebook or google and found ads pop up on your screen that were related to something you were looking for earlier?  That's done by targeted marketing.  An ad is created to target an audience that seems to be looking for homes or seems to want to move.  It's a great way to find a buyer possibly before the buyer was expecting to buy anything. 

Videos, videos, videos... Buyer's love to see videos.  Wilmington's Top Agent will post videos live when they are at the house so buyers know the property is coming on the market.  The buyer shares the video with their Agent and tells them they want to see the property as soon as it's available.  The video doesn't need to be high quality.  It needs to look real, not doctored up.  Buyers love seeing the walk thru videos. 

Buyer's Agent

Buying a home will be one of the biggest financial decisions you'll make in your lifetime. 

How Much Does a Buyer's Agent Cost?

Hiring a Buyer's Agent to represent you is a smart decision and it usually won't cost you anything.  Buyer's Agents are paid at the closing sale by the seller for a predetermined percentage of the price of the house.  That percentage is disclosed on the mls to the agent with all the other information about the property.

What will the Buyer's Agent do?

An experienced Buyer's Agent will make the buying process a lot easier and less stressful.  A Top Agent will recommend that you start with getting pre approved with a lender and will have some great lenders  Many times a buyer shops around online for lenders and then are disappointed when the lender doesn't complete the loan on time or worse, declines the loan at the last minute.  When working with a good Buyer's Agent, they will help you by recommending lenders, inspectors, and attorneys that they work with on a regular basis that are known for consistent satisfactory service.

A Wilmington Top Agent is an expert in the area and will help you with getting a home that meets your wants and needs.  In a booming market prices could go up so fast that sometimes it's hard to know what's overpriced vs what's priced appropriately.  A great Buyer's Agent will advise you if they feel a house is overpriced.  

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent to be Your Buyer's Agent?

Wilmington NC area has about 3,000 agents so it can feel like a needle in a haystack when looking for Wilmington's Top Real Estate Agent that best fits you.  If you are a first time home buyer, we've got a great article for First Time Buyers about How to Buy Your First Home.  A great place to start when searching for a Top Agent is read reviews.  Facebook Reviews is nice because you can read the review and click on the person who wrote the review.  Then you can see if you have friends or acquaintances in common.  Another great place to read reviews is if you Google the name of the agent that you are considering hiring.  If you see reviews with less than 5 stars you might want to read the lower star reviews and see if the issues they had are possible issues you'd have.

It's also a good idea to ask friends and family who they used, but be careful.  They might have not had any major issues that would have tested the true professional abilities of their agent.  Some major things that can come up are inspection issues, appraisal issues, etc.  If you want to be sure you are working with one of Wilmington's Top Agents / Wilmington's Top Real Estate Agents then follow up their recommendation by reading the reviews about them.

We're Here to Help!

Are you looking for the best real estate agency in Wilmington, NC? When choosing an agent be sure to go with an agent who has the expert knowledge of listing and selling property.  The Regina Drury Real Estate Group has that and more.  We are a Full Time crew.  We will provide you with all of our expert knowledge and focus on maintaining a high degree of customer service that will leave a lasting impression.  Contact us today to talk more about your Real Estate needs.

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