David Drury


(910) 232-4245

Regina Drury Real Estate Group

5704 Oleander Drive, Unit 110, Oleander Courtyard, Wilmington, NC 28403

David has been with the team since 2010. When the announcement came out that David was joining Regina, no one was surprised because he was already lending a helping hand with so many parts of the business. David spends the first 3 hours every morning reaching out to our database to ask who they know that will be making a move soon. He’s a critical part in broadcasting the message about homes that we have available for sale.

Besides being extremely dedicated to the job, David has a big heart for animals. Whether he is stopping a car for a crossing turtle, or bringing that turtle home to nurse back to health, he has no shortage of compassion for little critters. David is a big sports fan and you won’t find much that he doesn’t like to either play or watch. His favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, but of course, he’s a fan of the Panthers too. You’ll also find David at the Wilmington Ice House on a Sunday night hockey team.