Four Questions Not to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

In the real estate business, we get plenty of questions ranging from:

How fast can you sell my home to Can you help me buy the home I'm looking for?

Of course, we can answer these general questions, but as you continue through your property search, even more questions will come up as they apply to what you personally need or are looking for answers concerning properties in the desired area. 

Will you Lower your Commission?

First of all, an agent who lowers their commission probably doesn't have a marketing plan tailored to your property. They most likely will just put it on the market for sale by putting it in the MLS, on some websites, and hope for the best. 

If the agent is so easily willing to lower their commission, will they stick by you in regards to your price? Or are they just going to encourage you to lower the price of your home? If they don't stand by their own worth, then they won't work hard to get you top value for your home. 

Do You Do A Lot of Open Houses? 

No, and there are a few reasons for this. The first reason we don't do open houses is that open houses let strangers in that no one knows--and we want our clients and their homes to feel comfortable. By allowing agents in with interested buyers, it provides more of a secure way of knowing who's coming in and out of the house. Additionally, with open houses, more than one person comes in and then the agent can't watch both, so it just makes it better when there's more of a system for knowing who's viewing the property. 

With all that even being said, most people are looking for properties online via photos and video tours.  Having great photos and a visual tour of the home is a big plus.  

Do I Have to Leave My House When It's Shown?

Yes! A buyer is most comfortable when the seller is not around. When they come in to check out a home, they want to check out where their furniture is going to go, what color they are going to paint the walls. The rule of thumb is that the longer the buyer is inside the house, the more they are emotionally attached to it. 

Do you Sell a Lot of Houses in this Neighborhood?

A lot of times people choose their agent based on the signs in the yard. Be careful about picking an agent because you see their signs in the yard!  It could be that you are seeing their signs in the yard because they haven't been sold yet. You want to choose an agent who sells their houses and they sell them very quickly because that probably means they have a good marketing plan. They are also probably available quicker to answer questions and even to negotiate offers much faster.

Whereas some might think that more signs from a particular agent are a good thing, you don't want to choose an agent just because you see them all over your neighborhood. And you don't necessarily need to choose an agent who sells a lot of houses in your neighborhood because if you have an agent that sells houses all over the place, the advantage of that is that when they have a buyer that's interested in one particular area that agent can mention another area that they have other homes available that's comparable. 

For Tips on How to Pick an Agent:

Here's a link to an article on How to Pick a Top Selling Agent as Your Real Estate Agent.  It will give you things to think about so you're next purchase or sale is a smooth experience.

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