You Can Sell Your House Without an Open House

Open Houses are an old fashion form of marketing. Years ago there was no internet to see photos or videos of houses.  In fact, years ago the only way to know what was for sale was to contact a Real Estate Agent and look through a big fat book of all the homes for sale. If you drove by a House For Sale, there were no cell phones to call the Agent and ask to see it right away.  You had to call their office and make an appointment to see it.  Now, you see a house online or drive by a house for sale and can use your cellphone to schedule a tour to see the home within an hour. 

In fact, more than 90% of buyers start their search for homes online.  Buyers like to see the photos, virtual tours, and research more about the school districts, price history of the property, and ask their friends and family on social media about the neighborhood. When buyers want to go in to see the house, they want to see it on their schedule, not on an inconvenient Open House schedule.

There are very few benefits to Open Houses and in fact a lot more disadvantages to them.  Very few Real Estate Agents will tell you this, but it's the truth. Why won't they tell you this? Because it's a source of future business for them and a way to brand themselves to your neighbors. In fact, they will say they sold a few this way.  But truthfully, it's a waste of your time and puts your personal items in unnecessary jeopardy.  

You won't go out on the street and invite a stranger in your home to look around so why would you do it just because it's for sale? How do you know they are qualified to buy a house? How do you know they have a job, a bank account, and good credit? How do you know they aren't a thief?

Who goes to Open Houses?

Can anyone go to Open Houses?  Yes!  In fact, I know of a time when a neighbor was walking down the sidewalk coming back from the community pool and popped in to walk around the Open House in their dirty, wet, barefoot feet.  Worse part is the Agent let them walk around because they didn't want to hurt their feelings and stop them at the door. The neighbor left and the Agent was left with dirty foot prints throughout the home.  So who goes to Open Houses?

Neighbors - Neighbors are the #1 source of Open House visitors.  They pop in to see how you decorate, what your floor plan looks like, and simply because they have a few minutes to pop in and they're curious to see inside.

Curious People - There are people that look online or in the newspaper every week that spend their Sundays popping in to Open Houses.  They have no interest in moving or buying a house but like to see homes.

People Passing by - Have you ever been driving down the road and see an Open House sign and stop to take a peak inside?  We've almost all done it at some time or another.  Simply because we had a few minutes and wanted to see if it's as cute inside as outside or just because.  Again, no interest in buying but just want to see inside.  A few years ago I was on vacation in Hawaii and we had rented a car for a drive.  We passed by an Open House and stopped to take a look inside.  We knew we had no interest in buying but we were curious about the house and how much it was. 

Future Buyers - These are buyers that plan to buy in a few years but want to get an idea of what they like.  They are also many times looking at houses outside of their future price range.

Bad Credit Buyers - These are people that pop in to look at houses but mention they prefer to rent to own because their credit score is in the low 500's and they know that it will take years to improve their credit score.    

Robbers and Thieves - Yes, robbers and thieves love Open Houses. It gives them an excuse to check out your house.  They don't need an appointment and they don't need to show ID to anyone when they show up at the door.  If a few people go in to the Open House at the same time, it's hard for the Real Estate Agent to keep an eye on everyone and everything.  For instance, there have been local news stories regarding prescription pills missing from homes after open houses.  Things can be stolen during an Open House and/or after the Open House when they return once no one is home.  It's a bad idea to do an Open House and open your door to complete strangers that no one knows anything about.

Who Benefits from Doing Open Houses?

Not the seller!  Real Estate Agents use Open Houses to Prospect for Potential Buyers and to Network with Future Sellers in the Neighborhood.  They put their sign in front of the house to Brand themselves and invite the neighbors in.  Open Houses are most popular with newer agents, lower producing agents, and teams that put buyers agent team members there.

Serious buyers will set an appointment with their Real Estate Agent to see the house.

Why do Agents Promote Open Houses?

1) Prospecting for Future Clients

They put their sign outside and invite the neighbors in so they can meet them in hopes that they will pick them to sell their home in the future.  They also hope a future buyer will pop in so they can start building rapport with them so that when they do buy in a few years, they will choose them as their Agent.

2) Branding to the Neighbors

Their sign has their Company Name on it and many times their Team or their name.  They want the neighbors to see that they are there and working on selling the house.  Again, they are marketing the brand and hoping when the neighbors want to sell they will pick them.  On a side note, it's the same reason why they mail "Just Listed" and "Just Sold" postcards to announce what they just sold.

3) Double Siding the Sale

They hope that a buyer walks into the house that saw the house online and hasn't called another Real Estate Agent about the house yet.  They want to write the offer and represent both the seller and buyer so they can get paid for both sides of the sale.  If you didn't do the Open House, the buyer probably would have called another Real Estate Agent to show them the home and then the listing Agent would have only gotten paid for one side of the transaction.  There's a lot of debate on whether it's in your best interest to have a Dual Agent representing both you and the seller.  We won't discuss that here but it's a topic I'll discuss in another blog.

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You Can Sell Without Open Houses!

Hire a Full Time Real Estate Agent Pro - When selling your house it's usually the most expensive asset you own.  When hiring someone to get you maximum money for it, you need the best in the business.  This is not the time to hire your family, friend, or the lady you met at church.  It's not the time to pick your Real Estate Agent based on how nice they are.  You want to hire a go-getter with creative ideas--someone who is full of energy and comes with a team of experts to help them on all the details your house sale deserves. To learn more about how to pick Wilmington's Top Agent as your Agent, click here. 

Creative Marketing Plan Tailored to Your House - 90% of the buyers use the internet to search for their future home.  They are looking for great photos, virtual tours, area information, school info, and they want to know immediately if they can qualify for the mortgage.  Buyers are asking their friends and family and social media groups for their opinions about the neighborhood.  An exceptional, super star Real Estate Agent leverages the modern ways to market in order to reach the largest audience.  Why market to a few neighbors and passing cars when you can market to thousands in minutes?

Phone Prospecting - Out of thousands of Real Estate Agents in the area, only a few pick up the phone and call around neighborhoods asking who knows someone looking to move.  Phone prospecting is the fastest way to find a buyer for your home.  Would you prefer someone to put a sign out in front of your house and wait for someone to show up or would you prefer an Agent working for you calling 50+ people a day to ask them who they know that wants to buy a house?

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